Why I HealthTalk

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Being a HealthTalker allows me to pay it forward.

Brittany, Flemington, NJ

My friend invited me to join HealthTalker to help spread the word. I feel like I'm making a difference.

Joan, Nashville, TN
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I like helping people and I think people need to know about preventing this disease!

Sheila, Boston, MA

Through HealthTalker, I have gained knowledge and am able to help people through sharing my own experience.

Scott, New Haven, CT
HealthTalker talkingHealthTalker talkingHealthTalker talking

Being a HealthTalker is interesting and rewarding. I get to share a true passion of mine and share information about something I strongly believe in.

Ann, Cleveland, OH

It is a good idea to have everyday people talking about this condition.

John, Richmond, VA

About Us

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Our mission is to leverage in HEALTHCARE the trust, credibility and receptivity consumers have for receiving and acting upon information they receive from people they know and trust. We will develop and activate communities where like-minded individuals can join in a movement to spread the word about the conditions that are most important to them. We will amplify their voices to inform, educate and motivate others to take action to improve their lives and the lives of the people they care about.

We will embrace, engage and empower the HealthTalkers who volunteer to spread the word due to their genuine desire to help others. We will cultivate and nourish their "pay it forward" mindset through an array of engagement and educational share tools and resources.

The HealthTalker team will work transparently to help sponsoring companies create compelling programs that make a positive change in the lives of the patients our HealthTalkers touch.

Spread the Word. Make a Difference.

How it Works

Get the Tools

Get the Tools

To help get the conversation started, you'll receive a welcome kit in the mail and access to an online community. In addition, you will have access to several resources to help expand your knowledge so that you can then share information with others, thereby making for truly impactful conversations.

Lead the Conversation

Lead the Conversation

Through meaningful conversations, you can help make a significant difference in the lives of others. Sharing the facts as well as your personal experience, can inspire others to make proactive, well-informed, decisions about their health.

Be Connected

Be Connected

HealthTalkers are spreading the word in communities nationwide. You can share stories and tips with other members, track your conversations, and see the difference you're making together!